Tunable and scalable electroporation for cell therapy

CyteQuest is developing a new electroporation tool to transform non-viral cell engineering. By combining continuous flow with our patented microfluidic chip, we aim to bypass manufacturing bottlenecks that currently limit the accessibility of cell therapies.

The CyteQuest Approach

CyteQuest enables high efficiency, high viability, and non-viral delivery of cargo such as DNA, mRNA, or proteins to primary cells using our proprietary microfluidic platform. At the heart of our technology, our flow chips use a thin slab geometry to enable seamless scalability from the research to clinical scale. Our planar geometry enables to optimize transfection parameters using small volumes of precious sample and then seamlessly scale to large volumes for delivery at clinical scales.

System Features

  • Efficient engineering of primary cells
  • Ability to tailor process for particular cells/cargo
  • Gentle process preserves cell viability
  • Seamless scaling from research to clinical scale
  • Fast processing speed (i.e. 500 million cells/min)
  • Rapid, automated optimization of transfection
  • Compatible with closed, sterile processing
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